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Quality of Life Intervention Plan: Schalock

Patient Centred Care - Adapted Intervention Plan

This intervention plan establishes the resident life plan leveraging Patient Centred Care. It defines resident daily activities and tasks based and focus on him/her quality of life improvement.
It is organized around this activities:
  • Interdisciplinary assessment
  • Scope and definition consisting on defining scope, checks, validation, user and family contributions and results
  • Intervention program
  • Monitoring and evaluation
Soft4Care® patient centred careSoft4Care® for families
Intelligent System for Everyone
Intelligent System for Everyone

Intelligent System for Everyone

Soft4Care® is designed so as to allow the existence of user roles.
Professionals as well as patient's family can access the application in order to contribute in the intervention plan.

Monitoring and evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation

Consisting on assistance data record, resident evolution in each program, addition of the information gathered and progress level assessment.

We improve the quality of life of people

  • Therapeutic Management

    • Individual Intervention Program
    • Program Monitoring
    • Result Assessment

  • Medical Management

    • Medical History
    • Medication administration
    • Result Assessment

  • Psychological Management

    • Study and diagnosis
    • Treatment of psychological issues
    • Behavior monitoring and control

  • Nursing Management

    • Care and control of cures
    • Healthy diet management
    • Daily Activities

We increase the productivity of the centres

  • Human Resources

    • Employee management
    • Training plan and assessment
    • Absenteeism management
  • Work time control

    • Automatic calculation of working shifts
    • Employee timesheets generation
    • Daily needs assurance
  • Production control

    • Planning and control of staff tasks
    • Monitoring internal performance
    • For officials, nurses, maintenance...
  • Business Intelligence

    • Data mining module: multiple purposes
    • Statistics about the centre
    • Care and diseases analysis